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3, willing to accept the management of the headquarters, identify the headquarters operation, and make reasonable suggestions and suggestions for improvement;
4, the franchise regulations will be recognized;
5, the franchise organization structure and management model to identify;
6, in order to ensure "and edge spring" quality of production, to accept the characteristics of raw materials by the unified distribution headquarters;
7, the franchisee must agree to "and" spring culture standard, first agree according to the requirements of company to achieve the unification and standardization in the decoration style, cultural exhibition, stationery, clothing, utensils, staff souvenirs etc..
8, decoration must be unified by the headquarters acceptance.
9, after the arrival of the full account, the company within 10 days of opening hours, delivery and door-to-door service.
Business background
1, with strong management ability and good business reputation;
2, have the correct investment concept, good psychological quality and risk consciousness.
Training and communication skills
1, and actively accept the "spring and edge" brand culture, business philosophy, management and training content;
2, actively carry out, spread and "edge spring" brand task.
Two, join in the cost description
(I) franchise fee
1, the headquarters agreed to join the franchisee to use trademarks, trade names, brand fees.
2, technical use fee.
The company sends after-sales technical personnel to join the store, with shop guidance, the time is 5 days (1-2 days before opening, 3-4 days after opening), beyond the service period to 300 yuan / day collection service charge.
1) noodle making technology training fee, training fee for noodle soup for technical training and other products.
2) technical raw materials do not increase the distribution fee.
3, pre training fees
1) train the store manager and the daily work of the staff.
2) training related to enterprise culture, chain knowledge and shop instruction.
Good garden Catering Management Co., Ltd.
Remarks: the entry fee includes trademark use fees, technical use fees, personnel training fees, management fees, etc..
Construction support
[site selection] restaurant success or not, one of the three most important factors is location. Successful site selection will reduce the risk of investment by 50%. We will give you the location of professional training, the company construction department also passed the professional evaluation system of remote or on-site to evaluate your selected location, the company offers free on-site location at a time, two additional charge.
[] we are different from the peer authentication business place is in the location determined not immediately for the decoration, but the district research assessment, because the restaurant in different district will store the different positioning of the product including the reasonable collocation and return on investment are successful, only a single store has been clearly positioned before the renovation the positioning and investment orientation.
[location] to store investment investment location according to the district research demonstration report looks different in the investment orientation and marketing programs have some differences, and this is what we must take seriously.
[plan] draw up the schedule of the decoration plan, draw up the personnel training plan and timetable, and draw up the material preparation plan and schedule.
[implementation of decoration] according to the full market demonstration data before the design decoration program, and then decoration construction. Franchisees can find suitable decoration companies on their own, under the guidance of the headquarters of the design and construction, but the design drawings, construction materials must be approved by the headquarters, of course, can also be commissioned to design and construction headquarters.
[training] the implementation of management training, training hall staff recruitment, training service standards; training kitchen staff recruitment, training and other technical standard.
[material preparation] preparing according to material preparation plan.
Operation support
1, before opening, formulate business marketing plan and implement. 2, start training system.
3, the shop management executive management in the company under the leadership and supervision, in-depth and meticulous management of the shop staff training to lead the transition. 4. Track product quality and correct deviations.
6. Follow up the implementation of management system.
7, customer visits, phased market research. Make SWOT report for the problem and implement it. 8, the loss of core personnel, start emergency support program within 24 hours.
9, the shop staff completely independently with store operations, the company returned to headquarters supervisor.
10 、 operations supervision, occasional shop guidance, continuous training and marketing planning support.
Worry free enterprise
[management trusteeship] we know that some franchisees in addition to "and edge spring", as well as other business, may not have enough energy in the late management, so we can implement trusteeship. That is, franchisees only need to appoint full-time financial supervision, financial management, and the normal operation of the restaurant will be handed over to the company.
[not from scratch] any of our franchise stores are not from scratch. From the project consultation, preliminary preparation to the normal operation process are carried out with the assistance of the company, we are handed over to every franchisee stores are normal operation of the restaurant, that is, mature restaurants.
More than two city constructions to join the investment benefit budget (60-80 m)
The costs involved in opening a franchise include:
(a) one-time investment costs - renovation costs, ancillary facilities costs, franchise fees, to three years as an investment cycle. (two) rent, assuming a year as an investment cycle (according to the city and geographical location of the difference, there are quarterly payments and a half
Annual payment, annual payment of three kinds; the following rent for reference only, the actual rent shall prevail.
(three) operating investment - taxes, utilities, fuel costs, labor wages, raw material costs, with one year as an investment cycle. According to the following conservative investment efficiency budget, plus two months of opening time, is expected to recover within 5 months